Favorite Links

The following is somewhat of an indication of my tastes:

The Slow Lane, Robert Ashworth's mind expanding and soul-enhancing homepage. I am very fortunate to have Robert Ashworth in my life as my best friend. One of the most genuinely enlightened individuals I have ever met, I consider him to be the living Buddha of Bellingham, Washington.

The New York Times; enlightened bourgeois elitist liberalism-at it's best!

The New York Observer, kind of like The New York Times if the good, grey Times could get funky. And closer to yours truly in spirit in not considering itself "liberal" or "conservative." Anyhow, it is where the great Andrew Sarris can now be found.

Alex Fung's Film Page, simply the best page for serious film buffs.

The Advocate Idea Exchange where I have made both friends and enemies.

Jay Thomas' personal homepage-much more substantial than a Christmas newsletter-like Robert, this young man has a brain and a soul.

Assad Malik's personal homepage. Ditto.

Men's Voices Magazine. Not about singing.

The Backlash!, contains the very best thoughtpieces on feminism.

The Nature Conservancy homepage. Yes, Virginia, Rick is an environmentalist, albeit a realistic one.

More will be revealed!

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