If I would start my own political party, we would call ourselves the Ironists. I am very strongly conservative in some areas, very strongly liberal in others, which means my meta-party would never be very popular. Nonetheless, if you want a relief from the shrill pamphleteering that passes for actual thinking these days, feel free to check out some of my own thoughtpieces:

Matthew Shepard, The Man, not as an Angel.

A Hitler for Everybody, deconstructing "Hitler" as an adjective.

Legalize It. All of It; On the "Drug" War.

Constitutional Does Not Mean Democratic, some reflections on the year 2000 election debacle.

Those DARN City Dwellers, or how, from Birmingham to Bavaria, some things never change.

Reflections on Philosophies of Education

Pornography and the Perils of Democracy, on the first and second ammendents.

Power, Politics, & Poetry: The Response of the Film Industry and The Press to Citizen Kane.


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